You can reserve by telephone and fax as well as by email, simply clicking on the �reservation� key on this page.

In the reservation emails please specify your name and surname (and the name of the firm if the reservation is made on behalf of a company), a telephone and fax number, day, time and number of people coming. The restaurant will call or fax you back to confirm.


Email reservation are accepted only if made two days in advance (Monday for Wednesday, Tuesday for Thursday etc.) to allow the restaurant some time to confirm.

Reservations for the same day or the next day can be made by telephone calling the following numbers:
02 874877 – 804483

Trattoria "Torre di Pisa"
Open every days, After-theatre
Via Fiori Chiari, 21/5 - 20121 Milano
tel. 02 874877- 804483 - fax 02 876322