Milan’s “dolce vita” of the ‘60s was also born at La Torre di Pisa, and , since then, it has kept dwelling on this ancient restaurant.
Giancarlo Baghetti (Formula One pilot), Camilla Cederna (journalist) and Maria Vittoria Mussolini (photoreporter), coming in by chance gave the tuning A to the eminent attending.
Later the Brera painters made it their small meeting place. But the start-up was to be with Riccardo Gay, that created the first model agency in the nearby Via Solferino and that started to take his girls and pick something at La Torre di Pisa. After a few days, the playboy Gigi Rizzi and the young heirs of  the great Milanese families were at table: the Galtrucco, the Spadacini, the Moratti.

Intellectuals, among which Ettore Sottass and the publisher Gian Giacomo Feltrinelli, kept arriving, as well as Fiorucci, Nino Cerruti, Benetton, Loro Piana and Ferrè from the fashion’s world.
Dream models and actresses like Sharon Stone, the translucent Veruschka, Marisa Berenson and Laura Antonelli, all in love with the small room with tapestries. Even Andy Warhol, father of pop art, many times stopped at La Torre di Pisa.

This tradition still goes on thanks to the most beautiful models and the world’s most famous people, sitting at the same table where Catherine Deneuve used to eat pasta and beans next to the Fendi sisters, where John Kennedy junior tasted at last the real Florentine steak together with the beautiful Bassette, where Silvio Berlusconi showed his friends the first plan of Milano 2. Tronchetti Provera even reserved the whole place to celebrate his fiftieth birthday, just like Diego della Valle did for a sumptuous party for fashion.


In the pictures: the �Small room with tapestries�, always preferred by the famous customers of the restaurant and, above, the cosy small room � only two tables, parties to famous meetings.